Think&Act We do think and act. We also step into what we are interested in.

We figure out the potential problem with zero-based thinking,
and we will contribute to society by proposing a unique solution.

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大事にしていること we have the infinite possibilities 我々には”無限の可能性がある。”

We honestly don’t know if we can do something or not.
But, we think only those who believe the “infinite possibilities” can seize them.
So, we act. And we think for it.
And, we actualize as many of the “infinite possibilities” as possible in the soonest possible time.

We named our company Think & Act in the hope
that anyone who had contact with us and our employees can carve out their own paths.

Besides, we created the corporate philosophy
because we hope that our company will be full of our ideals.

1. Take the initiative to think and act!
2. Be a proud little giant!
3. Be perverse!
4. Be a multitask fetishist!
5. Let’s make our company a venture company
that produces world-class human resources from Kyoto!

With the corporate philosophy in mind, we keep trying to make the impossible possible.

Yasuhiro Sugimura

Born in Osaka Pref. in 1978. Lives in Kyoto Pref.
Graduated from Kyoto University in the faculty of economics.
Worked for Morgan Stanley Securities etc.
Established Think & Act in 2009.

Izawa shinichi

Born in Fukui Pref. in 1978. Lives in Kyoto Pref.
Graduated from Kyoto University in the faculty of economics.
Worked for UFJ Bank (currently Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) etc.
Established Think & Act in 2009.

Take the initiative to think and act!

家訓 policy


Think, decide, and act by yourself.
We don’t need evaluators, critics, or consultants.
Generate ideas. Present alternative plans.
If you can’t, play an actualizing role as the biggest follower.
Repeat a small preparation and decision to act thoroughly.
Although self-determination may be pressure for you at first, enjoy the load.

Be a proud little giant!

Be not a cog in a large business but an engine in a venture company.
We don’t need two persons with the same ability. Make full use of your “edge” for your team.
Stick to driving your team with your edge.
For this purpose, share your edge thoroughly and openly without locking it away.

Be perverse!

Have doubt about what people do on a routine basis.
Think on a zero basis.
Try what people gave up.
Enjoy failures.
Anyone can come up with reasons not to be able to do something. Use your time to find reasons why you can do it.
Be not a straight man but a funny man.

Be a multitask fetishist!

What would you do if you were given a year to live?
Wouldn’t you like to do everything you haven’t done?
And, you will find true happiness in doing so.
You can grow up by working on one field thoroughly as a matter of course. On the other hand, learning from multitask accelerates your growth.
Although doing multitask is hard, enjoy a sense of fulfillment and growth that you can look back.

Let’s make our company a venture company that produces world-class human resources from Kyoto!

Be aware of values that only we can realize.
Be proud that you can change the world from this small city Kyoto.
For continuation, be sure to convert what is dependent on individuals into verbal data and systems.
Provide cordial best products and services that our clients love in any age.
And, let’s make Japan a country full of human resources who “think and act” in and outside our company.


This company was originally founded for child education.
Two men, who had wasted time always together from when they had been university freshmen, worked for an American investment bank and a Japanese major city bank, respectively. Then, they founded this company. At the same time, they faced the Lehman Brothers’ failure.
To experience “genuine stuff” through the “five senses” and “just have a go!”
We prepared education programs in consideration of this.
We were confident. But, we failed.
We also failed in acquiring a kindergarten. There were no responses from parents in the first place.
That’s natural because our careers had nothing to do with children and no parents wanted to leave their beloved children to the two men of doubtful origin.
So, we gave thorough thought to what is meaningful for us to do.
We found it was helping human resource-related operations and support for those who couldn’t socially get on the right track. With these starting points, we launched projects one after another and met new people who emphasize with our thoughts. This was the beginning of the story of Think & Act. What is the story going to be next? We are looking forward to see it.

Company Profile

Company name Think & Act, Inc.
Address No.5 Hase Bld BF1, Suiginya-cho 637,
Karasuma-dori Shijo sagaru,
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8411, JAPAN
TEL +81 (0)75-746-2845
FAX +81(0)75-746-2846
E mail
Founding Year 2009
End of fiscal year March
Business Human resource cultivation for businessmen and administrative officers, employment support for job seekers, job training for long-term job leavers, corporate recruitment support, employment support for students, personnel system design/organizational development consultation, etc.
Representative Shinichi Izawa